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    You’ve got nothing to lose and tons of Co-Op Dollars to gain. The Co-Op Coach will perform a FREE custom audit for your business. You’ll receive the following information:

    • Listing of categories and brands that are strong…
    • Assessment of co-op dollars that are made available…
    • Specific data samples available to you…
  • NEW Revenue
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    In his new book “Brand Plan Selling”, Tim Marceau gives you the insight and tools you need to get every co-op dollar available for your business.  Take a sneak peak at this excerpt from his eye opening guide book. You’ll be amazed.



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Welcome to the co-op coach

Now drop and give me twenty… five hundred co-op dollars that is.

  • Did you know that manufacturers make over 250 Billion dollars available to your prospects every year for Direct Mail, Digital, Radio, Television, Newsprint, Billboard, Event Marketing and Branding for Professional Sports Teams and more?
  • Did you know that over HALF of those funds go unused annually?
  • Do you know how to create NEW REVENUE using co-op funds?

Within one Co-Op Coach session your sellers will be fluently speaking the language of co-op advertising. Once you understand the concepts you can effectively engage prospects and either DOUBLE current advertising buys or close those with buy objections. Take advantage of our 20 plus years of experience and start your companies co-op initiative today. IMPORTANT: This is not theory, our clients practice these techniques successfully nationwide everyday. Seminars are given in support of The Co-Op Coach’s newest book “Brand Plan Selling”. Continue reading to find out how much money you are missing out on.


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Visual Inspiration

If you want some inspiration – just take a few minutes from your busy day and watch this short video. It will get your wheels turning and make you really think about the Co-Op Dollars your business is missing out on. Don’t wait any longer to get the Co-Op money your business deserves.

Real Client testimonials

They wanted to share their experiences of using my guide book and the success they have had.


From the first time I was introduced to the concept of co-op advertising I was always interested in how to tap into the additional money. But up to that point, the information we reviewed was very vague. After meeting The Co-Op Coach, that all changed. I listened very closely and now understand the huge amount of money that is available in my territory that I had been leaving on the table every year.The co-op information is invaluable and gives me a distinct advantage over my competition. In today’s ‘New World’, this is a resource that you can really use to help build your annual sales.


Fred K.


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top brands & co-op dollars

Thousands of manufacturers have Billions of co op dollars available for advertising in your media. The Co-Op Coach will teach you to tap into these funds to create New Revenue. Our goal is to help you increase your bottom line.




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The Co-Op Coach will teach you how to get your share of those unused funds!

The Coach

If you want to increase your revenue while saving money and forking less out-of-pocket dollars – then you need to contact us today. Don’t wait any longer and miss another dime from manufacturers willing to give you co-op money to run your business.

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