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$12,000 Annually in Co-Op Credits

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I have worked with a pool retailer for several years… they do not install pools. They do pool openings and closings as well as repairs and sell a major spa brands. They utilize co-op for both pool chemicals and spas. In total, they get an average $8,000.00 to $12,000 annually in Co-Op Credits. By utilizing their co-op dollars, they were able to save enough money to hire a part-time service person and they have increased profit considerably by being able to log more service hours for both pool openings and closings, and regularly scheduled weekly service. Having done so, they now sell more chemicals and spas so now they are in turn receiving more annual co-op funds!

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» Testimonial » $12,000 Annually in Co-Op Credits
On August 7, 2014

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