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Brand Plan Selling Book

brand-plan-selling-bookThe Co-Op Coach’s New Amazing Book Brand Plan Selling: The Sensible Solution To Unlocking The Mysteries of Co-Op Advertising

Manufacturers make billions of dollars available annually for use by local retailers to spend by placing local media buys featuring both the brand and the retailer. Learn how to speak the manufacturers language and assist your prosepcts in both locating and spending accrued co-op funds with your media and get ongoing sales support, co op plan specifications, and the daily motivation that will create NEW REVENUE. Get a leg up with your competitors and learn how to educate your prospects on finding FREE Advertising Dollars. By using these funds you will likely be doubling your average sale and closing new business in no time at all.

Unlock the Co-Op potential for your business.

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Clear, concise and well-written – highly recommended!

March 6, 2013

If you are involved in anyway with selling advertising, you need this book. We’ve used the author’s ideas to add 30-40% to the bottom line within the past six months. Clear, concise and well-written – highly recommended!