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Shared Co-Op Plan

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There’s strength in numbers. I brought together a group of individual hardware stores who have co-op from their warehouse distribution chain. Each retailer has an annual allotment of funds. Bring a group of dealers together by offering them a shared co-op plan. Each dealer is responsible for a portion of the advertising schedule and that cost is further reduced by using co-op funds. Dealers share tags, along with the overall cost of the advertising.

Many auto dealers don’t use their co-op funds because they are unsure how to use co-op. Offer to assist them with getting pre-approved advertising and you’ll most likely have a monthly buy for years to come. After training with the Co-Op Coach, this is what I do: ask to see their dealer funds balance report and make a plan to use up the funds that expire each month. Write up a script using the manufacturer’s website information, get it approved by the manufacturer’s co-op division, and run the schedule. Match up your invoices and co-op paperwork, get dealer’s signature, and send it in for reimbursement to client. Most of the time, these payments are in the form of a credit towards what they are already purchasing from the manufacturer so my dealers love this additional service our media offers them! I use my co-op knowledge to set myself apart from other sellers in my territory.

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On August 7, 2014

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