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As a business owner and an author, it is always exciting when customers want to express how they feel about your products and services. Below is just a sampling of what I have heard from our satisfied customers.

We have opened many doors to potential clients that were previously closed

August 7, 2014

Utilizing co-op has been very successful for me with my existing clients, along with a GREAT way of prospecting. Over the years of working with The Co-Op Coach, we have opened many doors to potential clients that were previously closed, but then the conversation about co-op advertising caught the attention of the client. If you follow the guidelines that The Co-Op Coach has established, I don’t see any reason why it won’t work for you, and your clients will benefit from doing business with you! Don’t prequalify your clients on what you think they may have for co-op based on what industry they represent, size, or location. Follow the steps, do the research, make the calls, ask the questions, and you, too, will help address your clients’ needs through advertising with your media and have the manufacturers pay for some or all of it!


There’s nothing more exciting than finding more money on the table


Each time I help local business owners uncover additional co-op dollars, I end up finding other business owners with the same product and additional co-op dollars. There’s nothing more exciting than finding more money on the table, and that’s the beauty of recognizing co-op.


The knowledge that The Co-Op Coach brings to the meetings is second to none


Whether it be ‘breaking the ice’ or finding more funds from an existing client, the knowledge that The Co-Op Coach brings to the meetings is second to none. With Co-Op, we have taken a potential client and made them fully commit due to the knowledge Tim brought to the table regarding the products they have and the current paying co-op plans that were offered. I have also seen him turn a good client to a great client because of his aforementioned knowledge of plans and manufacturer contacts. Tim is a resource, a motivator, and more a valued business partner in everything I do in my daily selling.


Co-op brings me lots of additional revenue!


Co-op brings me lots of additional revenue! It also helps to use co-op when you are pressing for extra sales before the end of the month, working with clients need that need to use their co-op funds before they expire. If you don’t have co-op training and a resource, you will not know which co-op plans these are!


Shared Co-Op Plan


There’s strength in numbers. I brought together a group of individual hardware stores who have co-op from their warehouse distribution chain. Each retailer has an annual allotment of funds. Bring a group of dealers together by offering them a shared co-op plan. Each dealer is responsible for a portion of the advertising schedule and that cost is further reduced by using co-op funds. Dealers share tags, along with the overall cost of the advertising.

Many auto dealers don’t use their co-op funds because they are unsure how to use co-op. Offer to assist them with getting pre-approved advertising and you’ll most likely have a monthly buy for years to come. After training with the Co-Op Coach, this is what I do: ask to see their dealer funds balance report and make a plan to use up the funds that expire each month. Write up a script using the manufacturer’s website information, get it approved by the manufacturer’s co-op division, and run the schedule. Match up your invoices and co-op paperwork, get dealer’s signature, and send it in for reimbursement to client. Most of the time, these payments are in the form of a credit towards what they are already purchasing from the manufacturer so my dealers love this additional service our media offers them! I use my co-op knowledge to set myself apart from other sellers in my territory.


$12,000 Annually in Co-Op Credits


I have worked with a pool retailer for several years… they do not install pools. They do pool openings and closings as well as repairs and sell a major spa brands. They utilize co-op for both pool chemicals and spas. In total, they get an average $8,000.00 to $12,000 annually in Co-Op Credits. By utilizing their co-op dollars, they were able to save enough money to hire a part-time service person and they have increased profit considerably by being able to log more service hours for both pool openings and closings, and regularly scheduled weekly service. Having done so, they now sell more chemicals and spas so now they are in turn receiving more annual co-op funds!


The Co-Op Coach has given me a real edge in helping clients


The co-op knowledge provided by Tim Marceau, The Co-Op Coach, has given me a real edge in helping clients maximize their co-op marketing funds. When you can find dollars that clients have accrued to use towards promoting their business, you not only get the buy, you earn their trust for future marketing campaigns. Clients feel that you are making the effort to help their business, not just sell them advertising.


People Identify with Brands


My grandfather used to tell me, ‘A Jack of all trades is a master of nothin’.’ He sold Chevys for 30 years. I believe he was short sighted…. Knowing every brand possible when you engage multiple potential or current advertising clients gives you an instantaneous edge. A perfunctory appearance of knowledge of the guts of that business, even if all you know is their BRAND. People identify with brands, especially when they write checks to that name BRAND every week or month. Now use more BRANDS and get them to write more checks to YOU!


Tap into the additional money

August 6, 2014

From the first time I was introduced to the concept of co-op advertising I was always interested in how to tap into the additional money. But up to that point, the information we received was very vague. After meeting The Co-Op Coach, that all changed. I listened very closely and now understand the huge amount of money that is available in my territory that I had been leaving on the table every year. The co-op information is invaluable and gives me a distinct advantage over my competition. In today’s ‘New World’, this is a resource that you can really use to help build your annual sales.


Clear, concise and well-written – highly recommended!

March 6, 2013

If you are involved in anyway with selling advertising, you need this book. We’ve used the author’s ideas to add 30-40% to the bottom line within the past six months. Clear, concise and well-written – highly recommended!